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Slashing the price of a product is just one way to get people to call or visit your store. Other selling techniques will also help you generate interest and make sales, however. Giving a discount is not always an option, especially if you don't have the authority to change the price of a product. Too many discount offers can even discourage people from buying right now because they assume another discount will be available in the near future. Use these sales tips to make sales without reducing prices.

Demonstration is one of the best selling techniques you can use. Telling customers about a product's features is not always enough to get them excited, and if you tell people about a tool that can cut through steel, they may not believe your claims. If, however, you demonstrate the tool cutting through metal, you'll take away some of their objections. Another selling technique that does not get enough attention is providing excellent after-sales service. Some people are willing to spend a little more money if they know someone will help them set up or install new products during the first few weeks or months of ownership.

Satisfying the customer is one of the selling techniques you can't afford to ignore. It's such a simple concept, but so many people fail to do it that you will impress people if you do. In a "Des Moines Register" article, Harvey Mackay gives the example of a meat counter clerk at his neighborhood supermarket. The clerk always has more customers in his line than other clerks. His secret is simple—he puts less meat on the scale than he thinks he will need to fill the customer's order. Then he adds to it until he reaches the right amount. The other clerks put too much meat on the scale and end up removing some to reach the right amount. The simple act of adding to the scale instead of taking away has a subtle influence on customers.

You must also remember to sell yourself and not just a product or service. People buy from people, so you have to get customers to trust you and believe the information you provide about your company's products. Avoid talking down to potential customers, treat every customer with respect, and avoid arrogance when talking to prospects. Be prepared to develop rapport with each customer before you try to make a sale because doing so makes you appear more concerned about the customer's needs than your commission. This is one of the best selling techniques to follow if you want to build real relationships with people.

These sales tips will help you sell more products and services without resorting to discounts and other price changes. Because every customer has different experiences and needs, the same selling techniques will not work on every person. The trick to succeeding in the sales industry is knowing when to use certain selling techniques and knowing when to try something else.


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