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The Power of 3 The Power of the number 3. Everyone can count to 3. It's easy, back to the basic's of 1,2 and 3. It's a simple, yet a sure way of: 1. Getting the sales person's name known in the world. 2. Getting your company name, product and/or service known in the world. 3. Getting the sale, guarantee the future sale and the future of your business. (Profit) As the owner of several different sales oriented companies, I have researched, developed and implemented, simple sales techniques. Simple steps that help my sales people achieve top sales dollars, increased sales, increased profits, and the ability to obtain future growth for business. When a person see's or hear's something 3 times, they remember it. It is planted in deep in their mind and has the ability to be recalled at any time. Whether it is a phone call to them, an email or a letter, maybe a presentation or an advertisement, be sure to mention the company name 3 times, your name 3 times, your product and/or service 3 times. When they are ready and willing to buy, they will buy from you. They will remember you. If you call, do it 3 times over a 30 day period. If you send a letter or email, send it 3 times in a 30 day period. When they buy, it will be from you. All the contacts you have made, if you did a good job, you are now their friend and even talk about the kids. 3 basic steps Step 1: 1. Who are they. 2. What do they want and/or need. 3. When do they want and/or need it. Get to know your customer/client. Personal is best. Relate to them on their personal level. If they are not interested you will discover that without wasting your most valuable asset, which is time. Even if they are not interested ask for referral business. Step 2: 1. Ask when is a good time to meet. Set the appointment. 2. Thank them always, for their time, for talking to you, for anything, use the word, thank you. People really like that word. They feel like they helped you, and people like to help. 3. Get prepared for the appointment. Be prepared, people won't buy if your not. Step 3: 1. Meet them for the appointment. Be on time. Be prepared, in sales of anything, you snooze, you will loose. 2. Make your presentation. Be sure to mention your company name, product and/or service at least 3 times each. Don't forget your name, you want them to call you not one of your associates. 3. Ask for the sale. Many sales people do a great presentation and then never ask for the sale, never close the transaction. They just leave and wonder why their sales volume is so low. The worst thing the customer can say is no, and we've heard that since we were toddler's, it won't hurt. It's better then never knowing if they want to buy or not. In all situations, whether you get the sale or you don't, be friendly. They may not buy now but maybe will buy later. Maybe one of their friends will buy. Be sure when leaving an appointment, you leave them 3 business cards. Ask them to give them to their friends. Tell them to be sure to keep them for future reference. If you leave 3 cards they will at least keep one. It is against nature to throw away 3. Be sure to thank them and at the same time shake their hand 3 times. Over the next 6 weeks be sure to contact them by phone, email and/or letter at least 3 times. You will see your sales and profits increase. They will increase at least 3 times the current level. The power of 3, increased company presence in market place, increased sales, increased profits and increased future business success. VBoyer Allyson Kapp Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved

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