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Although many salespeople are able to succeed without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics, others use pressure as a way to get customers to buy. Because many customers now avoid talking to salespeople who use high-pressure tactics, it's smart to find ways to reach your sales goals without pressuring people into buying products or services that do not meet their needs. If you want to succeed in sales, you must master sales tactics that do not put customers on the spot.


It is important to realize that you do not need to use high-pressure sales tactics to generate sales. Tesla has been able to generate sales by focusing on research and development instead of spending millions on advertising and forcing salespeople to pressure customers into buying the company's electric vehicles. Salespeople at Tesla's stores use no high-pressure sales tactics. They are available to answer questions about the vehicles, but they do not make pushy sales pitches. Tesla's strategy seems to be paying off, as the company is generating sales without buying advertisements.


One of the best ways to make an offer without pressuring the customer is to identify the customer's style and adapt to it. If your sales tactics do not match your customer's profile, you are not likely to make a sale. In selling products and services to consumers, one size definitely does not fit all, so do your research and be prepared to discuss the customer's needs. Tying product features and benefits to the needs of each customer is one of the most effective sales tactics, particularly for high-dollar items and services. It is important to develop your own sales communication style, but your style should never overshadow the customer's style.


The way you phrase your statements during a sales pitch is also important. You can certainly remind consumers of expiring discounts or a limited supply of products, but you should be honest when making these statements. If you sound insincere, the customer may believe that you are lying about inventory levels or pricing, even if you are being truthful. Being honest with customers is a great way to build a rapport and maintain goodwill throughout your pitch. If you need to practice coming up with sales pitches that are sincere, a sales communication course could be a good investment.


In an article published in the "Harvard Business Review," Edward C. Bursk discusses low-pressure selling and its implications for salespeople. Bursk defines low-pressure sales as allowing prospects to make their own buying decisions rather than talking them into specific purchases. Bursk also defines the customer-problem approach and explains how salespeople can use that approach in low-pressure sales environments. When using this approach, you should be able to identify the most pressing problems of your customers and then demonstrate how your product or service helps solve those problems better than any of the products and services offered by your competitors. This is a good way to make sales without resorting to high-pressure sales tactics.


When you work in the sales field, your livelihood depends on your ability to make sales, so you must use sales tactics that draw customers in instead of pushing them away. Adjusting your communication style to fit each customer's profile, learning how to use low-pressure sales tactics, and explaining how your products and services solve problems can help you reach your sales goals without the use of high-pressure sales tactics.


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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for sharing!@Robert - What a great point!@Thomas - High pressure sales used to be the way to get things done, but these days, customers want to make informed decisions. It's interesting that you mention less buyers remorse. What do you think about companies like Trader Joes that make customers eager to buy, as though their product made them part of a lifestyle?
  • Robert L. K
    Robert L. K
    Well put. Sales is following a logical progression with the client approving the direction. Only if you have a value proposition which is all about the upside.
  • Thomas H
    Thomas H
    High pressure sales are basically outdated.  Sales people are better served educating the customer and helping them to make an informed decision.  This leads to less buyers remorse and also creates referrals and return clients.
  • Zita d
    Zita d
    That is so true

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