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Many displaced Sales Heads have made our living by becoming proficient at, selling “things”. Whether you were the Field Rep for an auto trim parts company, or a Medical Sales Representative who sold replacement parts for x-ray machines . . . you were selling “things”.

OEM replacements, hardware, pieces; you sold a menu of “things”. It consisted of physical items that could be packaged, put in a box, shipped somewhere and attached to a machine of some kind.

Think about this for a moment: As professional sellers we don’t actually make what we sell. Frequently we don’t even work for the company that does make it. We are our customer’s link to that product. What we “make” are the right connections with people to create a network that we learn to manipulate well enough to get the best product outcomes for everybody in the supply chain. Not to oversimplify, but what we do is connect things to people.

Sales Professional = Networking Professional

Now, what if we sold something that wasn’t a “thing”? What if the product you promoted was a connection to a SERVICE, rather than a “thing”? If that sounds a little intangible to you, think some more. It’s a little different concept, but when you were selling physical items, YOU were the service. Why not migrate over to selling someone else’s services?

Here’s where I’m going with this. My friend and former professor Gerrard teaches that our sales job niches in the future will revolve around services we can provide to make someone else’s process easier. People are normally willing to pay for:

  • What they can’t do for themselves.

  • What they don’t know how to do for themselves.

  • What is too inconvenient or they just don’t want to do.

Sales pros able to facilitate their network connections in this realm (Yes, for a fee!) will find abundant work. Sales opportunities are appearing in areas where they didn’t exist before. It would have been a long time before I looked at the Healthcare arena . . . for a sales job. But just this morning the site listed this:

Company Name: A Place for Mom
Job Location: Pittsburgh, PA US
Job Category: Sales & Sales Management
Salary: Draw Against Commission

“Inside & Outside Sales Professional – Telecommute. Are you self-motivated and
able to perform in a fast-paced sales environment? Are you an effective networker that can easily make connections and build relationships? Would you like to become part of the largest eldercare referral service in the US which is in an industry slated for the most growth?”

Well I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Everyone wants to insure their customer backlog and good will. "Let’s hire a professional to do it!"

The charge is this: Look everywhere a service connection is needed. Find out how the connection is, or should be, facilitated. Is it for you? You might say you don’t know anything about that business. Remember, you are not charged with running that business, you are providing the connections. That is what you already know how to do!

You probably didn’t know a single part number for the chrome on a Chevrolet Impala when you first started selling auto trim, did you? Research, Learn and Sell the connections!

You can do this!

By K.B. Elliott

K. B. Elliott is a freelance writer for Working both sides of sales desks in the Detroit area for over 30 years gives him a unique perspective on the process. His networking interests as an entrepreneur connect him with many new venture start-ups in Southeast Michigan. On the chance occurrence of spare time, you will find him building computers and airplanes, or restoring antiques. To read more of his blogs, please go to, and be sure to check out the postings for jobs in nearly any industry at Nexxt

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