The Ultimate Guide to Making Sales Calls

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Making sales calls can be intensely stressful for anyone new to the sales industry or for those who don't have outgoing personalities. While some people have a natural ability for sales, it takes months or even years of practice for others to excel. Follow this ultimate guide for making sales calls for tips that can help you succeed in the sales industry.

1. Customize Your Calls

It's essential to conduct extensive research before picking up the phone to make a sales call. Find out what issues or challenges the company is facing currently, and find out what solutions the company tried or considered in the past. Try to determine if the company is committed to solving the issue. If so, come up with a surefire solution to the problem. If possible, make a cold prospecting call prior to your sales call to get the answers to these questions.

2. Find a Specific Contact

Before making a cold sales call, attempt to speak to someone who has history with the organization. This could be a current worker, a former employee, a business partner or a consultant. Make sure the person is still on good terms with the company's workers, and then ask your contact to give your information to someone from the management team. This gives you some credibility with the company and lets management know to expect your call.

3. Discover a Mutual Connection

Discover if you have a common interest with the person you're calling, as this can help break the ice. Find out if you know the same people, and if you do, casually work this information into your sales pitch. If you don't have anything in common with the company's representative, briefly praise an article he wrote or a speech he gave that you were able to catch in person or online.

4. Prepare

If you regularly make sales calls, it's important that you're always prepared physically and mentally. Don't allow yourself to get discouraged if you've been getting rejections all week, as it's important to keep your motivation levels up for every call. It's also important to eat healthy, stay hydrated and regularly engage in activities that help keep stress levels low, such as meditating or exercising.

5. Practice Your Pitch

Once your research is complete and you've crafted your sales pitch, practice it until it sounds natural. Rehearse your sales call in front of a mirror, or record yourself reading through your sales pitch. Play the recording back, and listen for any awkward phrasing. Make changes as needed until you're fully satisfied with your sales pitch.

The thought of making a sales call might be enough to make your blood run cold, but with preparation, practice and the tips from this ultimate guide, you can be on your way to mastering the process and increasing your bottom line.

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