Three Ways to Take Charge of Your Job Search

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Nike Inc. capitalized on the saying, “Just Do It.” This phrase seemed to resonate with people on a global basis. So much so that it has contributed to making Nike an extremely successful company. When it comes to finding college jobs or a job after college, this philosophy can serve you extremely well.

When you think about getting your job search going, it is important to build a plan that will assist you in making your search a success. Far too often college students do not get the right job search coaching from their counselors in college. They might receive a lot of education on their major field of study, but they do not get much education on how to put together a plan that will increase the odds of their landing a job of their dreams right after graduation.

In his outstanding book, “The Success System That Never Fails,” the late author and multi-millionaire, W. Clement Stone, shares his philosophy that is directly applicable to college students attempting to land an internship, while completing their degree or their first job out after graduating. Here are three of his recommendations for succeeding in reaching this goal.

1. “Decisions without Action Are Worthless” – It goes without saying that you cannot succeed unless you take action. Once you make a decision to move forward, just one step at a time will help you get there. When it comes finding the job of your dreams, you must put together a plan to identify which companies you would like to work for and how you will initiate contact and eventually secure an interview.

2. “Failure Can Be Good for You” – Stone’s concept is a good one. You must realize that failure is part of success. You cannot expect to be successful at everything you try. Failure can provide very important feedback that will allow you to strengthen your skill sets and this will assist you in continuing your job search. Hearing the word “no” should only serve to reinforce your desire to succeed with your next inquiry or job interview. Like the saying goes, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” In the process of your job search, you may not be successful with several companies, but by continuing your search, you will eventually experience success.

3. “Don’t Let Mental Walls Block You In” – From time to time we all suffer self defeating thoughts that cause us to experience periods of doubt and anxiety. By understanding that everyone has experienced this kind of mind set and have broken through these walls, this should serve as inspiration that you can do it too.

Tom Borg is president of Tom Borg Consulting, LLC. He is a business consultant, speaker, coach and author. Please see more of his blogs at collegejobbankblog and communicationsjobsblog. If you are looking for additional job listings, career advice or just help with your job search, then visit Nexxt.

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