Two Industries That Need Sales Professionals

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Signing up for a sales career means joining a career field that is unlikely to ever go away. After all, as long as there are products and services to sell, businesses need talented salespeople to sell them. Choosing to pursue a sales career in an underserved industry often means more career opportunities, which means knowing which industries need salespeople is an important part of planning a sales career.

Several industries are hiring salespeople, and two industries that are in need of additional sales professionals include the information technology and the marketing industries, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and research by industry insiders.

It is easy to understand why the IT industry needs additional salespeople, as new consumer products such as the latest smartphone are being created every day. However, not all of the IT sales jobs are in consumer products. Sales professionals have the opportunity to build sales careers selling business-to-business software, firewall and anti-virus tools, and even the hardware and materials that go into building laptops and tablets. IT is a growing industry with many opportunities for sales.

The marketing industry also is experiencing unusual growth, and salespeople interested in working for marketing firms have opportunities to build highly rewarding sales careers. Many jobs are being created in the advertising and marketing industry, including opportunities for both experienced professionals and recent graduates ready to take on entry-level jobs. After all, advertising is another industry that is never going to go away.

IT and marketing are not the only two industries in need of qualified salespeople, but they are both industries that are experiencing significant growth. Because of this, these two industries are some of the best places for sales professionals to pursue career opportunities.

Other industries that have room for sales career growth include the luxury goods industry and the health care industry. The Direct Selling Association also notes that sales are growing in both the wellness and service fields, meaning that these industries also are likely to have solid opportunities for talented salespeople.

Smart salespeople also know to look ahead at new trends. As Baby Boomers continue to age, for example, the market is likely to see growth in sales of home health care equipment and other products designed for older individuals. Salespeople who watch trends anticipate growth in these industries and plan their careers accordingly.

Two industries in need of talented salespeople include the IT industry and the marketing industry. However, there are many additional opportunities for people who want to build a sales career, including work in health care, wellness or luxury goods. Additional sales career opportunities become clear when sales professionals take the time to study trends and anticipate what future customers might need.

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