Two Things to Remember for Better Sales Writing

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Your sales copy or sales message is the text you use to explain why prospective clients should consider investing in you, your product, or your company, and it plays an important role in increasing sales. A key factor in writing better sales messages is to remember that it is the first impression potential customers will have of you and your business. To improve your sales message so customers want to know more, keep two things in mind.

The first thing to remember when writing better sales posts is to keep it simple. Common words, phrases, and simple language get your message across to potential customers quickly and without confusion. Sales messages should be written so they translate easily into the spoken word; potential customers should feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. Read your copy aloud to determine whether you would actually say what you’ve written, and if not, you need to go back to your keyboard and try again.

Part of keeping sales writing engaging is to avoid clichés and buzzwords. Use common words and avoid industry jargon that means nothing to your clients. While keeping your copy simple and brief, however, try to avoid writing a summary that says nothing about what you offer. Writing better sales messages requires you to use explicit words that relay a specific message. For example, don't say that you can meet all your client's HR needs, but rather state that you assist clients with hiring and training.

The second thing to remember when writing better sales messages is that your customers don’t want promises or falsehoods. They want truthful facts; promises mean nothing to people who haven't dealt with your company before. Provide quantitative and verifiable facts, using clear and honest language. Words like "no obligation," "guarantee," or “free trial” tell potential customers that you have nothing new to offer them and are often perceived as gimmicks designed to lure them into purchasing your product or service. Guarantees often mean little and a free trial requires time and effort from the customer. When writing better sales messages, offer specifics such as a ninety-day return policy. In addition, mention special promotions and use calls to action that tell customers exactly what you have to offer.

Writing better sales copy requires a number of techniques and principles, but by keeping your message simple, honest and free of gimmicks or promises, you'll make a good first impression on potential customers.


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