U.S. Engineering Jobs Going Overseas

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by Alex A. Kecskes

The last thing engineers want to hear in this bad economy is that their jobs are going overseas. But the fact remains that the unemployment rate for computer scientists, systems analysts and computer programmers is much higher than for other comparable white-collar professions.

Sadly, a software engineer's skill value begins to decline soon after they are laid off. Historically engineers assumed that high-end service work, knowledge work, and R&D work would be done in the U.S., with menial semi-skilled work being relegated to emerging overseas markets. But as the world catches up with us technically and economically, more tech innovations seem to be originating overseas.

China, Japan and India are prime examples. With our education systems losing ground to these countries, more U.S. companies are turning to overseas tech talent to fill skilled and much needed engineering positions. Computer programmers from India, for example, can be hired at a fraction of the cost of their U.S. counterparts. And much of the work can be done in India.

Much of the blame lies in our educational system, which has fallen to the bottom of the international scale—especially in math and science. Fewer American students are choosing difficult majors like engineering and computer programming. Many are lured into glamour professions like marketing and entertainment, eschewing majors that end up in cubicle-bound jobs.

In the end, engineers today must compete for jobs in a global market. That means, staying current on the latest high tech developments, attending seminars, and taking classes to keep knowledge up to date. It also means being price competitive when it comes to salary. And finding ways to make themselves unique from overseas competition.

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