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If you are ready to seek new opportunities in the engineering field, you must understand how to use online job search engines to identify the best opportunities. If you have been an engineer for more than a decade, the job search process has changed quite a bit since you got your first job. Recent graduates also need to know how to use online tools to search for employment. Before searching for a new position, familiarize yourself with some of the most common job search tools. This will make it easier to use online job search engines to your advantage.

Using industry-specific online job search engines is a great way to save time when you are searching for an engineering job. When you use general job boards, engineering jobs are mixed in with job postings for secretaries, marketing professionals, and customer service representatives. Weeding through all of these listings takes a lot of time and makes it harder to identify the best job opportunities. Use an engineering job board or industry-specific networking site to find positions related to your particular area of expertise.

If you plan to use online job search engines, you should create an online career portfolio to showcase your best projects. Many recruiters now use Google and other search engines to find information about applicants, so creating an online portfolio gives you the opportunity to ensure recruiters find positive information about your work history. Your portfolio should include your resume, a list of professional memberships, and work samples. Make sure you have permission from your employer to include samples that belong to the firm.

LinkedIn is a great resource for anyone in the engineering field because it is "essentially an online portfolio," according to Luke Irvin, the founder of Irvin Media. Using LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to join industry-specific networking groups, connect with thought leaders in the engineering field, and let people know about your work history and skills. The networking site gives you more job search tools than most online job search engines, so using LinkedIn might reduce the amount of time it takes you to find a job. If you do not find a job right away, you will still benefit from the professional connections you make by joining LinkedIn groups.

Online tools have made it much easier to identify the best employment opportunities in the engineering field and submit your application materials to potential employers. If you plan to use the Internet for your job search, creating an online career portfolio and joining industry-specific LinkedIn groups will help you get the best results. Use engineering job boards to find employment listings to match your knowledge, skills, and abilities. These online job search engines will streamline the process and make it easier to find a position you will enjoy.


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