Virginia Tech Helps Vets into Engineering Careers

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The first GI Bill helped 450,000 veterans make the transition from warrior to future engineer. Today, Virginia Tech’s department of mechanical engineering hopes to augment the newest GI Bill and produce a new generation of talented engineers for industry, government and academia. The school plans to provide educational and other helpful programs that will supplement the benefits available under the newest legislation drafted by Congress.

While federal aid covers tuition and provides a stipend, Virginia Tech wants to help transition graduate students into new careers through Veterans@VT, a program for recruiting, transitioning and supporting veterans to graduate programs in engineering and beyond. Supported by a $203,977 National Science Foundation grant as part of its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding, the money will provide financial support for veterans and their families. The goal is to allow those who served to easily move into academic, government or industry careers in engineering and science.

The school will also help out-of-state vets attend Virginia Tech under the new GI Bill by offering them in-state tuition costs, which are considerably less for Virginia residents. In addition, course credit will be allowed for selected parts of their military experience.

Virginia Tech has always supported veterans and maintains a strong relationship with all branches of the U.S. armed services. Its successful Corps of Cadets Program has both a military track and a civilian track.

Get more detailed information about Veteran's Benefits at Virginia Tech and the many ways the school helps engineering students.

As a veteran, I used the old GI bill to help fund my college education. Even back then, the money came in very handy.

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