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Whether or not you are currently looking for a job, as you are a student, you no doubt will be on a limited budget. As such, if you want to take advantage of all the savings that available to you as a student, you should seriously consider getting an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Why? Well, simply put the ISIC card offers some pretty compelling deals for students.

What is the ISIC card? This card is the one – and only – student card that is recognized at the global level. In fact, the ISIC card is available in an astounding 120 countries and at present a whopping 4.5 million students utilise this handy card to get deals on items such as hotels, restaurants, museums, transportation and much more.

Moreover, you do not have to leave your country – your hometown for that matter – to take advantage of these deals. For instance, while you can use the card to save money on travel expenses of course – you can also use this card to obtain discounts at local stores, theatres, restaurants and so on.

Who Can Get an ISIC Card?

To be able to obtain an ISIC card, you do need to be a full-time student that is at least twelve years of age. Thus, full-time students, in universities, colleges and high schools are eligible to get this helpful card.

Other Benefits

Cardholders also have access to the ISIC Cardholders' the 24-hour Emergency Helpline. Thus, if you have an emergency while you are travelling, all you have to do is call this emergency number and you will be able to obtain the proper help. For instance, depending on your reasons for calling, the workers at the ISIC Emergency Helpline can give you the proper information and referrals. Moreover this service is available in a number of different languages that include English, French, Spanish and German. Additionally, if you need to deliver a message to your parents or other family members during an emergency situation, the Helpline will be able to assist as well.

Overall then, it is conclusive that an ISIC card can offer you tremendous value and savings. Larisa Redins is a full time writer and editor with degrees in both Arts and Biological Science. She writes about career issues for CollegeJobBankBlog.com and other topics for a variety of international websites and magazines. Please visit her other blogs at CollegeJobBankBlog.com and view job posting at CollegeJobBank.com.

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