Ways to Overcome Procrastination and Get Things Done

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Distractions in the workplace, both internal and external, can easily derail your progress and the company's growth. Manage your projects and overcome procrastination with realistic workplace goals and practices that will energize your performance and increase the revenue of your business. Adopt strategies to ward off distractions and produce a win-win situation for both your professional and personal life.

Where you choose to work can significantly impact your job performance. The workplace environment can make or break productivity, according to an Entrepreneur article. Minimize noise by wearing ear buds or headphones with soft music to create a peaceful mindset that helps you overcome procrastination. Remove access to social media and personal phone calls by silencing phones and stowing away tablets and mobile devices. Mentally prepare yourself for indulgences when your mind wanders, and plan for breaks when you feel the urge to browse the web or check text messages.

Prioritize tasks to overcome procrastination. For example, create a to-do list with must-do projects for the day, and cross off each item as you complete the task to develop a sense of accomplishment. Schedule in time for breaks that refresh your mind and give your body a chance to stretch and muster up more energy. Eliminate the overwhelming feeling that comes with larger tasks by breaking the steps into smaller chunks. Reward yourself with positive reinforcement, such as a brief walk around the office or a chat session with co-workers by the water cooler when you cross a task off the list in order to motivate yourself to continue working productively.

Goal setting is also an effective strategy to overcome procrastination. Motivate your mind by devising a five-year plan for workplace goals to increase your productivity. The absence of a five-year plan can leave employees feeling stressed with the demands of the workplace and unmotivated to excel on the job, according to a Nexxt article. Spend time thinking about your ideal position and the steps you need to take to obtain this job.

Investigate the qualifications you need and work out a plan to obtain the training, education or skills to seal the deal. Plan the time within your daily schedule to study, learn new applications and network with business professionals to meet professional goals. As you finish each workplace task, reward yourself with a 10-minute study session to work on these goals.

Key ways to overcome procrastination within the workplace are believing in yourself, finding ways to stay motivated and inspiring your performance through goal setting and rewarding yourself throughout the day to keep the momentum going. Spruce up daily tasks with short breaks to enhance energy and productivity, and you will soon see your skills improve, your tasks accomplished and your personal attitude soar.


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