What Industries Are Hiring Salespeople?

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Judging from current trends, there has never been a better time for salespeople to find jobs. According to USA Today, the recovering U.S. economy has lead various industries to increase sales hiring, but many hiring managers are having a difficult time supplying this demand. Although this trend is apparent across all industries, some of the most promising industries for sales include Information technology, health care, luxury goods and marketing.

The sales lay-offs of the 2007-2009 recession are coming back to bite sales hiring managers as qualified salespeople are increasingly difficult to find. In fact, figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have shown that sales representatives have been one of the hardest positions to fill in recent years, with 2013 sales jobs reaching a high of 15.8 million. In addition, many current sales positions require extensive sector knowledge, so a specific degree, certificate or previous employment in a certain industry gives applicants a competitive edge.

Information technology is one of the biggest industries in which to find sales hiring. The shortage of much-needed sales associates is especially prominent, and the industry itself is booming as companies like Apple continue to expand their boundaries with new technologies and services. The health care industry is also a steady sector that is increasing sales hiring as new medical devices, surgical methods and health services are introduced.

Worldwide news agency Thomson Reuters affirms that the luxury goods market continues to grow with a 6.5 percent sales increase in 2013 and an expected 4 to 6 percent increase in 2014. Salespeople are needed on various levels within this industry to get luxury products such as handbags, perfumes, watches and jewelry from the manufacturer to the consumer. According to Bain & Company, luxury goods sales are predicted to depend more heavily on innovative marketing, targeted interaction and excellent customer service both in store and online in the next 10 to 15 years.

Marketing is another booming industry for sales hiring. According to USA Today, the online marketing company Signpost had planned to nearly double its sales force in 2013, searching especially for candidates with technical and managerial experience. According to Forbes, advertising and marketing is among the fastest growing industries when it comes to employment opportunities, and related degrees are now one of the top choices for recent graduates. One industry that is not as desperate to fill sales positions is the auto industry due to the lagging market, but even this sector may open its doors to qualified sales associates.

Due to the increased need for sales associates to explain technical details of new products and services, those with advanced technological knowledge have an advantage when applying for sales jobs. As the economy continues to improve, sales hiring is expected to follow until supply meets demand.

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