What is the Best Large Tech Company to Work for?

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Large Silicon Valley firms offer IT workers some of the best jobs in the United States due to their large staffing budgets, amazingly popular products and high brand recognition. Amazingly, the top large tech company to work for in 2016 is located a few thousand miles away from the coast of California in another hotbed of innovation.

Detroit-Based Brand

The top tech company, according to Computer World, has its home base in Detroit. This city has the Big Three automakers and a lot of jobs that require specialized skills. However, thanks to its reliance on collaboration, a strong shared purpose and a company culture that allows IT people to shine, it's Quicken Loans that top's the list of best tech companies for employees.

Rewarding Innovation

Quicken rewards and fosters innovation in other ways. The mortgage company treats its employees as if they work at a tech company. That's because the firm innovates to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to lending money to customers, clients and corporations. Every year, the firm holds a month-long competition to get employees thinking about one specific emerging technology. The event lets employees explore this new concept on their own by solving a creative problem, but it also gets everyone on the same page as to the value of new technology within the company.

Quicken hosts Pitch Day, a day during which employees can pitch one of their ideas to top business leaders. Winning ideas actually go through a formal design process with a project manager. These events put people first and reward hard work, great ideas and innovative thinking.

Creative Potential

Quicken Loans taps into the creative potential of its employees using several tactics. This large tech company hosts annual, 24-hour hackathons, or events that let employees and ordinary coders try to hack into software to find weaknesses. Hackathons allow employees to think outside the box, but it also gives this large tech company a chance to find new talent.

This Detroit firm gives each employee four hours per week to create a project of their own choosing on the company's dime. This time gives employees a chance to unplug from their regular jobs while maintaining their coding skills at the same time. Hackathons and different projects help IT staffers solve problems by giving their minds something else to do during the workweek.

Top Jobs

Top tech jobs at a company like Quicken include software developers, mobile app developers and software engineers. Mobile app developers create programs for smartphones and tablet computers. Software developers create computer programs from the ground up, and software engineers design programs that solve problems by tackling the design of various programs. Quicken could use top talent with all of these types of skills, so IT employees can strive to work for one of the best in the industry by honing these hard skills.

The top tech company in the United States recognizes that its people come first. This type of company should appeal to any IT employee looking for a great place to work.

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