Which Personality Will You Wear Today?

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This should not be a strange question to most of our sales professionals out there. Actually ALL seasoned sales pros commonly employ more than a couple different strategies of approach, greeting, asking, pricing and entertaining. Key is the experience to know when to use them.

How do you learn this stuff?

Personally, I had several terrific mentors I was able to learn so much by just watching and asking questions. It was like having a live-in teacher that pulled down an annual seven-figure commission. Then they made me put what I learned into words and spout it back to them like a test. I wasn’t sure I liked it back then, but now I see that I was lucky enough to actually be paid to engage in a sort of “Sales Boot Camp”! It was a kick start that became a good foundation.

Many sales pros will say the best trainer is years of experience. Experience taught me that the world of sales techniques evolves quicker than the products do. Client expectations evolve to higher levels with each new product release, and the personal customer service bar you raised last year now needs to be kicked up two notches this year.

It’s simple. Just provide everything, to all people, all the time! So which personality will you wear today?

With the right timing, the right customer, and the right presentation, we all have a sense for what approach becomes most productive with each client. We also know that you are at risk of any insincere approach backfiring. Somewhere in that approach we still need to be ourselves.

John Warrillow breaks all of this down to two ultimate styles, suggesting that you are either “A Schmoozer or a Closer”. Each of the two categories have endless variations, but he defines them as:

  • A SCHMOOZER is a front person for a company. Usually thought leaders, schmoozers are good at glad-handing customers, making people feel loved. They remember customers by name and ask them about their lives. They are both door openers and door warmers.

  • To be effective, a schmoozer needs to hand opportunities to a CLOSER. The closer, understanding a customer’s needs in detail, exposes a problem—often to the point of discomfort for the prospect—and proposes a solution. Closers may be friendly but rarely become friends with customers, keeping their distance to retain their bargaining position in a negotiation.

What approach will work as a noticeable difference and improvement to create and keep the sales pipeline connected THIS year? If you responded “Well it depends on the customer!” you’re right. Just remember to include some of that “Closer” personality in your mix. After all, the first word in Sales Heads is SALES!

You can do this!

By K. B. Elliott

K. B. Elliott is a freelance writer for Salesheads.com. Working both sides of sales desks in the Detroit area for over 30 years gives him a unique perspective on the process. His networking interests as an entrepreneur connect him with many new venture start-ups in Southeast Michigan. On the chance occurrence of spare time, you will find him building computers and airplanes, or restoring antiques. To read more of his blogs, please go to Salesheadsblog.com, and be sure to check out the postings for jobs in nearly any industry at Nexxt


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