If you meet any social media marketing manager, they’ll tell you, one of the most important facets of their job is to be able to analyze data and make quick decisions. I have to say, analytic reports have become my friend over the last several years. Having the capability to take an in-depth look at […] The post 5 Key Marketing Metrics for Social Media Your C-Suite Cares About appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership....


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  • Michael b.
    Michael b.

    Myself here in a town where opportunity and career readiness for my trade is small and one of the most common cause of this is lack of motivated people who are not going anywhere else in the world don't know what they want they fear change. Change of the most common things are going to be a good idea for you outside the living area you are in where you have called home all your life but when u do not advance to be a better person for you to get the jobs and lack thereof it's time for the first time to change!!! Change of lifestyle,people,and scenery is supposed to be the best option for the people who are not going anywhere at the moment and I am sure that if I follow up with my plan to be a good place in the world and I don't know if it will be a good idea to get the same kind of them I could of should of would of people who are not going anywhere in life around me again I'll probably be in a long way from the most common cause of failure of opportunity to be a good son of God a relationship with the first person who is a friend and one of the best ones that's why I think u shouldn't be too late on going after your goal. To be a better person for yourself your family and friends also your fiance. Speaking on I statements!! Change of lifestyle and one of the best options for a man like myself.

  • Swami V.
    Swami V.

    Very true

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