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I was amazed when I read this article in Forbes about how recent college graduates are steadily finding job opportunities. It seems that about 19% more jobs will be offered to recent graduates this year. All of the young people interviewed for the article found incredible jobs (paying from $30,000-$60,000) that were directly related to their degrees. Outstanding.

Honestly, I wish I'd known how to organize myself when I graduated. I knew that I wanted to go back to school so I was more focused on that, and leaving the country. But for those recent graduates, or those graduating soon, the tips offered by Forbes are definitely worth checking out.

The most important thing going for the three people interviewed is that they had jobs while in school. One even worked his way through college and graduated with no debt (lucky him!). The staffing agency they talked to said that one of the most important ways to secure a job after graduating is having a strong work history while in school. In my opinion, this can mean paying or non-paying jobs like internships.

In addition, the students networked and networked and networked some more. They had parents getting in touch with people they knew and circulated resumes on job search sites. One interesting tip is that these students worked while looking for jobs. Their goal was to find the "perfect fit" job. However they still managed to work in a job that they didn't have the intention in staying with for the long term. Perhaps this was added motivation. Working somewhere you don't really want to be can really get you going to find the right job opportunity.

Overall the article was refreshing. It showed that what we are told over and over again truly works. You have to incorporate various strategies into your job search process: networking face-to-face, on social media sites, accept temporary positions, follow up with potential employers, write thank you notes, create a strong resume...everything is necessary.

So for those recent graduates out there be sure to check out the article on Forbes for more in-depth tips and tricks.

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By: Samantha Taylor

Samantha is a Boston, Massachusetts native. Her studies have taken her from Ohio to England, where she lived for two years. Currently, Samantha lives in AndalucĂ­a, Spain, with her husband. She is a writer for Nexxt and contributes to one of its many blogs: She also works as an English teacher and personal trainer in her spare time. Check out her blog at:


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