Which Sales Job is Right for You?

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As you look through the SalesHeads job listings, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the different job titles and descriptions. For those who are new to sales, it can be difficult to discern which opportunities are right for you. To help you sort through the listings, first consider the type of job you want.

Essentially, all sales jobs can be placed in two categories: direct sales and business to business (B2B) sales. Each offers its own set of special rewards and challenges. Here are some basics to keep in mind as you consider which job is right for you.

Direct Sales Jobs

Jobs in direct sales involve pitching products directly to the end user…that is, the consumer. Direct sales can be done in a number of ways. You could work independently and earn a straight commission based up your success. Or you may work for a company that pays a base salary plus performance bonuses.

Examples of direct sales positions include:

• Home party businesses such as Tupperware or Pamper Chef
• In-home presenters for construction products and services
• In-store sales representatives for consumer products such as electronics and clothing and other products

If you are interested in a career in direct sales, you can expect to find promotional opportunities readily available to those who excel. Once you have established yourself as a successful seller, you can become a supervisor, trainer or regional manager.

To shine in direct sales, you need to be:

• Enthusiastic
• A people person
• Passionate about your product
• Self-motivated

B2B Sales Job Opportunities

As its name implies, business to business (B2B) sales jobs do just what they say. They involve selling one business’s products and services to another business. Most sales professionals start in direct sales and move to B2B jobs after they have gained some experience. Since B2B jobs can involve handling large accounts, many employers prefer to hire those with a proven track record.

Like direct sales, B2B jobs can be either straight commission or rely on a base salary. One advantage of B2B positions is that the work hours can be more regular than direct sales. Generally, you can expect to work mainly during normal business hours instead of on nights and weekends which are typical in direct sales.

Successful B2B sales professionals generally share the same traits as direct sales representatives. However, depending on the position, it also can help to have:

• Bachelor’s degree
• An established business network
• Computer proficiency

Want to find out more about direct sales and B2B job opportunities available in your area? Then it’s time to head over to SalesHeads where the latest job listings can be found!

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